Menfi Ecotour

Walking, riding, hang gliding,sailing, low-impact ways to discover an unspoiled territory. Travel to discover a poorly known Sicily, the areas that are far from the main cities and crowded beaches. An agricultural Sicily that is reflected in its landscapes shaped by work, in the peasant culture, in the flavours of a rural culinary tradition, in the faces of the people.

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Here in Menfi, the territory and the people that live on it really look like each other in their simplicity and naturalness. If you want to get to know this land, where nature dominates unrivalled, there are low impact solutions that favour the conservation and sustainability of the territory and its natural habitat.

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Short distances and gentle hill slopes, very fine sand beaches and country roads are an invitation to park your car and walk or use a bicycle or mountain bike or ride a horse. But you may also take off on a hang glider or sail on board a fabulous sailing ship. Ride on horseback between the rows of vines or drive your mountain bike along the cycling trails to enjoy the beauty of the rural landscape or trek to seize the emotions that nature can offer only here. From the hang glider you can navigate the coastline in all its immense beauty and admire the splendid picture of vineyards and olive groves, sea floors, river mouths. 

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It is a style of travelling that conveys universal principles of fairness, sustainability and tolerance, and whose purpose is to boost development at local level. An extraordinary place where the Mandrarossa territoryís wines are born with theire strong caracter that allows them to fully bring out the unique features of the land that has yielded them and from wich they take their name.

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Contrada Urra di Mare, just a short distance away from the beach, yields a fresh and aromatic monovarietal Sauvignon Blanc, a white wine with an especially evocative name that carries all the salinity of the soils where the vineyard is planted and delves its roots into its depths.
Contrada Timperosse, named after the reddish color of the soil, called "timpa" in the local dialect, yields the unique monovarietal Petit Verdot with its intense scents of ripe red berries.

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Contrada Bonera, a level stretch of land at 150 meters above sea level, yields a blend of Nero d'Avola, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc in which an autochthonous grape variety meets with an international cultivar to give a wine with a deep red color and smooth taste.

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Contrada Sant'Annella, at about 250 meters above sea level,  gives a wine that is the fruit of careful experimentation, a breathtaking blend of Fiano, Viognier and Chenin Blanc grapes for an aromatic, complex and balanced white wine.


Contrada Cavadiserpe and its vineyards are kissed by an extraordinary light and yield Nero d'Avola, Merlot and innovative Alicante Bouschet cultivars to create a pleasant and well-orchestrated red wine with a strong character and lingering scents.

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