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Many itineraries are available for walking or you can let yourself be carried by the waves on a kayak. Menfi and its surrounding territory are a unique and uncontaminated place, where nature is sovereign in a rich environment that features a wealth of nature reserves, wildlife parks, lakes, and rivers. The sea is very clean here, as is confirmed by the award of the Blue Flag by the FEE [Foundation for Environmental Education], to indicate the excellent state of health of its waters, as well as the quality of the entire environment and of human life in the area.

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A few ideal spots where you can experience unforgettable emotions are the Oasi del lago Arancio [Lake Arancio Oasis] and the mouth of the Belice river. Many itineraries are available for walking and cycling along a comfortable cycling track provided with pleasant resting areas in the shade or you can let yourself be carried by the waves on a kayak to admire the land from the sea. Horse-riding and hang gliding facilities are also available in the area for different exploration experiences.

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The Nature Reserve of the Belice River

The Riserva Naturale Orientata Foce del Fiume Belice is a protected area that offers a small oasis of tranquillity in a special mix of sea, nature and culture between Marinella di Selinunte and Porto Palo di Menfi. Visitors can reach it by following one of the tracks that wind from the road connecting Castelvetranoto Menfi either on foot or on mountain bike.The coast and its marine landscape can be explored on a rubber dinghy followingthe coastline. But another way to discover and observe the areaís environmentand vegetation is to take part in an exciting guided tour on horseback.

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The main feature of the Reserve is the presence of many coastal dunes that riseon a fine golden sand beach lined by clear seawaters and shaped by the erosioncaused by wind, sea and rain. In the hinterland, visitors will have the opportunity to admire a very rich vegetation of palustral plants, such as sea daffodils, reeds and canes. Going further inland, the landscape is characterised by the evergreen Mediterranean maquis, which is home to seagulls, ducks and kingfishers, but also to reptiles such as green lizards and sea turtles that lay their eggs here. The mouth of the river includes depressed areas which, during some periods of the year, are flooded by the seawater and form small lakes. 

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The last section of the river Belice penetrates the nature reserves, then follows a straight path until it forms abend and throws itself into the sea, generating a very interesting site to visit. The river and the entire Belice Valley remain one of the most beautiful and breathtaking natural scenarios of the island.

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The Lake Arancio Oasis

Heading inbound from Menfi, you will find the area of Sambuca di Sicilia, very close to Lake Arancio, whose waters nourish and quench the thirst of the barren soils where vines and olive trees are grown. The lake, which is a real oasis of peace and silence, is the largest in the province of Agrigento. The sight of the lake and the woods that cover one of its shores is one of the images that visitors most remember after visiting the place. The Italian government assigned the management of this area to LIPU, the Italian bird protection association, which listed it among the countryís naturalistic oases. In fact, this is the ideal place for birdwatchers, who may observe, listen to and recognize the numberless species that live and migrate here, such asherons and egrets, cormorants, and bald-coots. 

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There are two forests around the lake: Magaggiaro and Risinata, consisting of evergreen trees and populated by small birds of prey, and woodcocks. A few tracks, which can be easily covered on foot, invite visitors to spend time outdoor exploring the nature and landscape. A perfectly equipped rest area, wonderfully integrated in its natural context, offers refreshments in the shade. It is a truly delightful spot, whereone can have a great time in contact with nature.

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There are also many tracks along the lake shores, which are also used for international water skiing competitions. The entire area is protected by a special law that regulates the management of nature and landscape because of its unique natural beauties and for the presence of rich spontaneous fauna and flora. On a regular basis, when the lake water level decreases, visitors may behold an extraordinarily impressive sight: the ruins of Mazzallakkar rising out of the water, a fortified construction of Arab origin whose tall walls are topped with towers with small limestone domes.

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