Better late than never

"Working slowly... Health has no price, so slow down your pace, pause, pause and move at slow pace..." - these were the words of a famous 70's song, which bears witness that the term "slow" has recently become the synonym of "quality of life". This notion, which is more widespread today, invite us to regain possession of our time, enjoy it and make it more useful, because slow means balance and quality.And this also refers to manufacturing activities, where producing slowly, respecting and following the rhythms of nature, has come to mean the capacity to obtain better products. This is the philosophy that lies at the basis of our Vendemmia Tardiva (literally "late harvest"), one of the most prestigious Mandrarossa wines, the son of a single Chardonnay vineyard overlooking the turquoise sea from Contrada Cala dei Tufi, in Menfi. It is a small plot of land lovingly selected and tilled by the agronomist.

Meglio tardiva che mai 1

The few rows of vines are scrupulously monitored throughout their entire vegetative cycle until the moment when, although harvest time has arrived, grapes are left on the plant and not yet picked up. Then, with wise mastery, when the texture and colour of the fruits start to change passing from yellow to gold, special scissors are used to arrange the stalks in such a way that they are almost tied in a knot, to prevent the lymph from reaching the grapes. Day after day, the agronomist then checks each bunch of grapes individually along all the rows with the maximum care to observe their ripening process, as they progressively loose their water under the sun, taking care not to let them wither.

Meglio tardiva che mai 2 - Grappolo uva bianca

With this technique, the grapes are ripened late. After a couple of weeks, they are collected manually and taken to the cellar, here their stalks are removed. Then the fruits are pressed and made into wine in steel vats. The result is an absolutely charming, wonderfully amber coloured, meditation wine with warm golden reflexes, characterised by a powerful nose of citrus fruits, white fruit jam, cinnamon, toasted almonds and hazelnuts, and a natural note of vanilla. Its mouth is round and pervasive, very persistent.

Meglio tardiva che mai 3 - Grappolo uva lumaca

It is the ideal wine to be tasted with a bowl of pistachios and dried fruit, seasoned cheese, dark Modica chocolate and dry desserts. However, it is also excellent with a good book under a soft light with some relaxing good music in the background. You will certainly like this wine from the first sip and be seduced by it until the end of the glass.

Mandrarossa - Caladeitufi

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