We produce wines that reveal a different, unique face of Sicilian wine growing

Its fortunate position right at the center of the Mediterranean and the variety of its land make Sicily an island that has always had a long-standing wine growing tradition. It boasts an extraordinarily rich wine growing heritage characterized by unique wines of great quality. Thanks to intense experimental activities in the vineyard, Mandrarossa offers innovative and unique ways of interpreting this land.

Mandrarossa Nero

We grow the widest variety of cultivars in Sicily

We cultivate a wide variety of grapes, spanning from the local cultivars Grecanico, Grillo and Nero d’Avola, to those with an international reach, such as Chardonnay, Viognier, Merlot, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon, which have found here the ideal conditions and developed a distinctive personality.

Mappa completa delle cultivar

Many experimental varieties allow us to produce unique and innovative wines

Intense research activity in the vineyard has made it possible to safeguard and improve the autochthonous grape varieties, as well as to experiment new cultivars, grown only in this part of the island. It was here that the cultivation of cultivars such as Fiano, Chenin Blanc, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Franc, Alicante Bouschet, and Sauvignon Blanc, either monovarietal or in blends, started, yielding always unique and distinctive wines.

Meglio tardiva che mai 2 - Grappolo uva bianca

Our vineyards lie along the southern coast of Sicily

A unique, pristine area, overlooking a strip of land facing Africa, in the southern part of the island. The long beaches form a stretch of sinuous dunes of very fine sand, while the waters of the sea are crystal clear and the marine landscapes are simply breathtaking.  The succulents that grow spontaneously and the rich marine fauna are the symbol of a natural habitat of rare beauty.

Mare - Spiaggia -sabbia

Here we grow grapes of great quality thanks to unique light and temperature conditions and sea breezes

The environmental conditions at this latitude are ideal for the cultivation of grapes: the dry climate, the strong, intense and sometimes dazzling light, the influence of the sea, the hot southerly winds, the sea breezes, and the differences in temperatures by day and night are all elements that blend together, making the vineyards healthy and their grapes of great quality.

Andar per contrade 2

The hilly configuration creates different terroirs, each ideal for the various cultivars

The many hills characterizing the landscape have different slopes, aspects and altitudes, which, combined with the types of soils, create many different terroirs, each ideal for a different variety. The hilly nature of the area also allows for the southerly aspect of the vineyards, favoring greater absorption of sunlight, which is vital to their growth.

Vigneto collina mandrarossa

A great wine growing tradition enhances the quality of production

Mandrarossa tells a story of passion and love for the land. Wine growing is a family tradition and is handed down from father to son, one generation after the other. Our wine growers manage their small vineyards like a family heirloom. Guardians of the land, their wine growing activities are always respectful of the environment and geared toward achieving great quality.

Vignaioli 6

We produce a line of unique and innovative monovarietal wines

Mandrarossa grows Sicily’s most typical grape varieties, i.e., Grillo, Grecanico and Nero d’Avola, along the coast with its sandy dunes, from which they take the name of Costadune. The foreign grape varieties yield our Fiano Ciaca Bianca, grown on calcareous soils; Viognier Le Senie, near springs of water; Chardonnay Laguna Secca, on dry soils rich in humus; Syrah Desertico, on sandy soils; Cabernet Sauvignon Serra Brada, which adapts well to rough terrain, and finally Merlot Rupenera, on dark, clayey soils.

Bianchi monovarietali

A line of Territorials and Cru wines The fruit of extensive experimentation in the vineyard

Our Territorials wines are grown in districts that are particularly suited to the growing of specific cultivars. An intense Sauvignon Blanc is grown in Urra di Mare, while Sant’Annella is well-suited for Fiano and Chenin Blanc. Bonera is where Nero d’Avola and Cabernet Franc are grown, while Timperosse yields a great Petit Verdot. Contrada Cavadiserpe is where Merlot and Alicante Bouschet come together. The Lagano Vineyard is where the finest Fiano is grown, while the Cinquanta vineyard gives us a great Syrah. Finally, the area’s three best Nero d’Avola vineyards yield Cartagho, an impressive classic red wine.


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