Vintage ambiances

They are true vanguard temples in which AutovoxTV sets, dial telephones and decals create truly unique and cool ambiances!

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As you enter the homes of Menfi, a fantasy world unfolds before you, with their genuine vintage ambiances. The Fifties, Sixties and Seventies suddenly become the starring actors in furniture and design.

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An outburst of colors, objects and household appliances, considered outdated for city life, which are showcased in these homes in perfect working conditions. All but ordinary homes, they are true vanguard temples in which Autovox TV sets, the Quindici encyclopedia, dial telephones, ornamental mats and decals, colorful crochet pillows, knickknackeries  and furnishings create truly unique and trendy ambiances!

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And all the loving care that is put into dusting them, putting them back in place on furniture, in all their brightness and lively colors, displayed with pride by the host to delight the eyes of those living every day in these homes. It is surprising how all these modern antiques that fill these homes were never put away in the attic when they were no longer trendy and how they are still used in everyday life to avoid waste. Long live mothers of Menfi, the pioneers of the vintage style! Long live the fun and colorful vintage ambiences that pervade Menfi's homes!

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