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Food is directly picked up from the kitchen garden in the backyard, freshly crushed olives provide the exquisite extra-virgin olive oil used to dress every recipe and the seasonís vegetables are always available at the centre of the table. Every day the family meets around the dinner table to enjoy the simple, healthy and delicious food that is prepared with love and devotion by the mothers. So traditional dishes still characterize our daily gatherings, which become events and holidays when they offer the opportunity to celebrate family, friendship and neighbourhood ties in a culture that has created the image of the generous hospitality of the local farming community. The role of women in this community is a primary one. They are the real angels of the hearth and hand down, generation after generation, the rich heritage of culinary knowledge, ingredients, recipes, old tricks and secrets they themselves learnt from their mothers and grandmothers, this allowing our tradition of conviviality to continue and keep the values of our typical popular farming culture alive.

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Our country cooking school focused around the traditional knowledge of our Ladies of Menfi. The significant agricultural vocation and tradition of a territory has, as a natural consequence, the simultaneous presence and permanence of a widespread peasant culture which is expressed in the customs, sayings, idioms and attitudes that are kept virtually unchanged over time. This is a healthy culture with a wealth of traditions and authentic values, based on hard work and parsimony. Menfi is one of the cradles of this culture in Sicily. People in the countryside live of their work here, particularly growing vineyards, which found an ideal habitat, but also olive trees, artichokes, vegetables, white melons and many other excellent produce. In peasant culture women mainly spend their time at home in the kitchen preparing simple natural food with the seasonal produce available. The plates they obtain are richly scented and tasty, but also filled with love, knowledge and skill.

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It is a heritage of inestimable value that characterizes our lives in this territory, something to be carefully preserved, but also to disseminate and promote as much as possible. It is with this goal in mind that the Scuola di Cucina Contadina Mandrarossa was founded. Our Country cooking School focuses around the traditional knowledge of our Ladies of Menfi, with the tricks and secrets of their traditional cuisine.Veritable mistresses of good taste and of the art of skilfully combining flavours, our Ladies will not only disclose the secrets of their recipes, but will outline complete culinary paths to us, thus unveiling an entire world of scents and colours. And they will do this with their excellent gifts: expertise and cheerfulness, the best company among dishes and stoves. Pasta 'ncaciata, eggs a pisciteddu, artichokes ammuttunati, tummale of ricotta cheese, onion or potato omelettes, nfigghiulata, and among the desserts sfinci, cuddureddi and nucatuli are only a few names to mention among the many characteristic recipes that Mandrarossa's cooking school intends to disclose, promote and disseminate inside and outside its territory.

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Furthermore, in our Country Cooking School, the Ladies of Menfi will also work with the support of the many Cooks who work in several accommodation facilities of the area, talented and creative masters who will offer innovative interpretations and presentations of our traditional dishes. A "cooking brigade" coordinated by the chef resident Bonetta dell'Oglio and animated by a passionate will to defend the culture of their homeland and propose their own menus. As traditional country cooking is the most distinguishing feature of this territory, Mandrarossa is its most authentic expression. The century-old agricultural and wine-making vocation of the area is interpreted in innovative ways by Mandrarossa to obtain wines that express its utmost natural beauty. The contemporary, young and charming Mandrarossa wines evoke the real values of peasant life in the countryside and convey all the warmth and simplicity of the territory that has generated them.

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The following Menfi restaurants will take part in the program of the Mandrarossa Country Cooking School:

Baglio San Vincenzo / contrada San Vincenzo - tel. 0925/75065
Casa Mirabile Relais / contrada Agareni - tel. 0925/570638
Casina Miregia / contrada Cinquanta - 380/7748187
Da Vittorio / via Friuli Venezia Giulia, 9 Porto Palo - tel. 0925/78381
Enoteca delle Terre Sicane / via S. Bivona, 13 - tel. 0925/75033
Il Delfino / via Liguria, 2 Porto Palo ñ tel. 0925/783242
Il Vigneto / contrada Gurra di Mare - tel 0925/71732
La Foresteria / contrada Passo di Gurra - tel. 0925/1955460
La Piazzetta / via Lampedusa, 9 - tel. 0925/74460
La Sirenetta / via Liguria, 6 Porto Palo - tel. 339/7617566
Le Quattro Stagioni / via delle margherite, 15 Lido Fiori - tel. 0925/78447
LíAntica Brasserie / contrada Cinquanta - tel. 349/1247959
Lo Squalo / via Liguria, 1 Porto Palo - tel. 0925/72637
Tenuta Stoccatello / contrada Stoccatello - tel. 0925/1955499
Villa Adriana / sp 79 contrada Torrenova - tel. 366/4222858

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