Scents of Sicily

An island kissed by the sun, a treasure chest full of inebriating fragrances which find their genuine expression in Mandrarossa wines.

Profumi dell'isola

A wide range of aromas, from fruit to aromatic and wild herbs, from flowers and spices to the typical Mediterranean plants and dry fruit. An intriguing and varied journey where each sip is reminiscent of the fragrances of this wonderful land. So the white wines display harmonies of citron, thyme and lemon, notes of prickly pear, orange peel and oleander, fresh and elegant flavors of basil, jasmine and laurel. The red wines recall fig, carob and lavender aromas as well as notes of sage, rosemary and eucalyptus. Aromas held in a glass to convey all the natural beauty of this land.

Passion Fruits 2
Profumi Flavours

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