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Menfi is a land of true agricultural vocation, as proved by its vineyards and olive groves. Hills, coasts and valleys are not only covered with long rows of vines, but spotted with the silvery foliage of olive trees, as farmers always use a smaller or larger piece of land to growing olive trees. So, walking about the neighbourhoods, eyes will rest on the landscape where vineyards embrace olive groves. If September is the month of grape harvesting, October marks the beginning of a new exciting activity: picking olives. The feast begins, the entire land starts swarming with people and time seems to stop under the olive trees, whose branches are gently bent towards the pickers to offer their fresh fruits. 

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Everybody has a bent for farming in these places and knows how to interpret the mood of the moment, to recognise and predict the characteristics of the harvest, of the year. Agriculture and community live in unity and harmony. Fathers and sons, uncles and nephews, women and children, everybody participates and meets around olive trees in a marvellous and exciting picture. The ferment is visible in the countryside as in the white little roads lined with vehicles loaded with olives driving to the oil mill. One is inevitably overwhelmed by this joyful atmosphere in our flat or hilly lands, some clayey and some sandy, the perfect cradle for the growing of the Nocellara del Belice, Biancolilla and Cerasuola, the typical cultivars of this jewel box in the heart of the Mediterranean.

Lolio Mandrarossa

Each of these cultivars offers a plethora of scents, colours and intense flavours that change according to the latitude and proximity of the sea. It is the sea that adds a spicy note to olive oil, which translates into that mild itching for the palate that makes it unique and unmistakable. Soon after crushing the olives, the oil has a fine golden-green colour and enhances the taste of just baked bread for an extraordinary, unique sensory experience. The generosity of our land, the Mediterranean climate, the traditional production and transformation techniques, the work and devotion of hundreds of families, all contribute to ensuring excellent quality levels to the olive oil produced in this territory. 

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This quality and uniqueness is guaranteed by the Val di Mazara DOP (protected designation of origin) certification, which is granted only to producers that have perfectly complied with the strict set of production standards that regulate and control the entire supply chain. Mandrarossa, for the most authentic expression of our land, is today launching an extra-virgin olive oil line together with its wines. Our product brand is "LOLIO", which literally means "the Oil" par excellence. The line includes four different classes of extra-virgin olive oil, all of very high quality, but each with its peculiar distinguishing features. LOLIO is available in many different new formats: from the innovative and clever low round 50 cl bottle to the double magnum 3 lt bottle, ideal for a prestigious gift, and up to the new 3 lt can, as well as the classical 5 lt can.

Lolio Mandrarossa

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