Heaven seen from the sky

Menfi, the sea, the coast, the dunes, the vineyards, the wood, the olive groves a kaleidoscope of shapes and colours with thousands of charming different nuances.If you look at them from above, from an unusual and different perspective, they will open up in front of your eyes as if by magic and unchain new unforgettable sensations.

Paradiso Visto dal Cielo 21

Seen from the blue sky heated up by the sun, with the company of turtledoves and seagulls, the usual typical sounds of the countryside fade away and new harmonies awake intense emotions.

Paradiso Visto dal Cielo 2

The known fine soils become spots far away in the distance, plays of perspective that touch your heart, breathtaking emotions. 

Paradiso Visto dal Cielo 5

Hectares and hectares of green vineyards, a picture of numberless colours like the small squares of multiple chessboards. 

Paradiso Visto dal Cielo 4

And then, while the land is travelling fast before your eyes, spotted by small multi-coloured flying swallows, century-old olive trees will appear, looking like little soldiers marching together, hill after hill. Everything is mild, coloured and quiet. 

Paradiso Visto dal Cielo 7

And over there, where the vineyards end, golden, sandy dunes start, adorning as frills His Majesty the Sea blue, with emerald nuances, clear and magnificent, foaming and proud.

Paradiso Visto dal Cielo 9

And then, coast after coast, between the Mediterranean maquis and green artichoke fields, bright yellow arid fields, signs of a supreme harmony, there they are, small spots themselves, filled with history, witnesses of past lives: the temples of Selinunte, a perennial sign of civilization and beauty.

Paradiso Visto dal Cielo 3
Paradiso Visto dal Cielo 12

At the edge of the seashore, a few boats slowly move away from the motherland, although not going too far. 

Paradiso Visto dal Cielo 13
Paradiso Visto dal Cielo 16
Paradiso Visto dal Cielo 19

And then again rivers, woods, valleys from above, sounds and colours are vague and faded due to distance; from the sky, you can admire the inestimable beauty of a territory that is a natural paradise, in a multitude of thoughts and strong feelings.

Paradiso Visto dal Cielo 24

It is a spellbinding emotion, that leaves you with the wind in your hands to caress a parallel world filled with magic waiting for the next flight. It is in this natural paradise that the Costadune Mandrarossa wines are grown: a Nero d'Avola, a Grillo and a Grecanico, single-varietal endowed with a great personality and pleasantness, capable of giving you the same strength of emotions as the land on which they are grown.

Paradiso Visto dal Cielo 25

Accompanying, Costadune Grecanico, the typical white grape variety of this territory. Its grapes are grown on sandy medium soils between 150 and 300 metres a.s.l. on vineyards exposed to south/south-east. It is a fresh, savoury and fragrant wine, ideal to drink as an aperitif, rich in scents of citrus fruits and white Mediterranean flowers, jasmine and rose-bay.

Paradiso Visto dal Cielo 8

Costadune Nero d'Avola, the prince of Sicilian red grape vines, is grown on calcareous or medium-mixture soil between 150 and 250 metres a.s.l., on flat vineyards exposed to south/south-east. Its character is firm and resolute, and expresses intense fruity scents of ripe marasca cherries and has an amazing softness.

Giardino Segreto 10 - Paradiso visto dal cielo Costadune

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