The Kitchen Brigade

They take the cuisine of their territory around Italy and the world, keen about meeting with an increasingly large audience of estimators, show them the preparation of their dishes, tell their family stories, caress the palates with unknown or forgotten flavours.

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A territory with such a marked agricultural vocation as that of Menfi is the repository of a comprehensive gastronomic tradition that originates from the peasant society. The people of Menfi are very proud of this tradition, which is worthwhile protecting and disseminating. With this goal in mind, Mandrarossa intends to recover and protect the century-old culinary knowledge of the territory not only to prevent this country gastronomic tradition from being lost, but also to promote it and make it known worldwide. 

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All together, keen and enthusiastic about the project and with their reassuring smiles, the Ladies of Menfi take the wine and food tradition of their land around Italy and the world, according to the seasonal availability. Excited by the opportunity to meet with an increasingly large audience of estimators, they are always willing to talk with them and show the preparation of their dishes while telling the family stories behind them, to caress the palates of their guests with unknown and forgotten flavours.

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They propose plates that are the mirror of a territory and its community and transmit the pleasure to share and hand down again the precious secrets of the cuisine of Menfi. This the mission of the Grande Brigata di Cucina Mandrarossa, the Great Mandrarossa Kitchen Brigade: to highlight and enhance the value of a local traditional cuisine that contains all the magic of ancient flavours and promote it worldwide with an extraordinary touch of contemporariness.

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We want to mention some of the most representative dishes of the country cuisine of Menfi, the oldest ones: the delicate and light stewed calabash squash presented on a bed of sheep ricotta cheese, to be proposed as an hors d’oeuvre. Its perfect match is Mandrarossa Fiano 2012, a wine that in this territory, thanks to the action of the southern winds and the influence of the sea, expresses a distinctive aroma and acidity. As a first course, we may mention one of the ‘lost and recovered’ recipes of our tradition: the “Capolata di Casa Alesi”, delicious homemade egg noodles cooked in a broth of free-range cockerel and local spices.

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