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Menfishire is a state o mind, a way of life, unspoilt nature.

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Located at the center of a wide gulf, in south Sicily, the coast of Menfi spans across a heavenly scenario of beaches of fine sand or white pebbles and sheer cliffs overlooking the sea. 

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Welcome to Menfishire, crossed by rivers, hills and valleys, a true heritage of nature, wines and gastronomic delights to be discovered, explored and experienced. If you look beyond the shores, you can catch a glimpse of hills, the highlights of a rural landscape that fills the eyes with lush green and the heart with intense emotions.

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Welcome to Menfi, a small town standing on a soft hill stretching to the sea. It is one of the lands with the greatest vocation for wine-growing an island of ancient traditions and tastes. A glimpse of a unique and unknown face of Sicily: a rural land made of vineyards that graze the horizon, a Sicily of ample spaces and intense colors, of ancient traditions and unique beauties of nature.

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Hills with soft and smooth ridges  spiral towards the variegated coastal strip. The land is especially fertile and changes by the span, from white, to red, to sandy, creating a natural "tapestry" that is exclusive to this area.

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Quality is the keyword of this entire production area, where the agricultural and wine-growing vocation is age-old and the skill of the farmers, handed down from one generation to another, has been translated into production excellence. Menfishire is a state of mind, a way of life, unspoilt nature, a rural landscape that yields, among other things, grapes that give complex, scented, full wines that speak of this land. Autochthonous as well as international grape cultivars, which have been grown here for a long time now and have perfectly acclimatized.

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These cultivars give wines with a distinctive and genuinely Mediterranean personality. Modern wines, both young and seductive, that evoke a real world, within reach, and bring back to mind the sensations experienced on these lands, bringing them to life and kindling the desire to come back.

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Of these suffice it to mention Syrah, with its versatility and fruitiness. It is grown on sandy and medium-textured soils and has a low yield per hectare. It is a marvelous view to see the rows of plants facing south at just 150 meters above sea level.

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The grapes are hand-picked, destemmed and vinified in stainless steel to obtain a versatile, ruby-red wine with brilliant flashes of purple. On the nose you can smell scents of ripe red berries and the taste is full and pleasant. 

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It exalts any vegetable dish, from tabbouleh to broad bean cream, and matches well with oven-baked timbales and meat ragouts, semi-aged cheeses and vealroast. The ideal serving temperature is 16 / 18 C°

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Among the international cultivars of the "shire", a place of honor goesto Merlot. Soft and rounded, it prefers sandy and mixed-texture soils that ensure excellent quality thanks to the very low yield per hectare. The grape berries are small and intriguing; they ripen so quickly that they must be hand-picked around mid-August.

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This extremely scented wine affords hints of plums, ripe cherries and vanilla, though vinified in stainless steel. It has a ruby-red color with alluring shades of purple; on the nose it is warm and sunny. It matches well with all cow milk cheeses and white meats, but we also recommend it as a sipping wine to accompany dry fruit or plain chocolate.

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Last but not least is Cabernet Sauvignon, a grape variety that has revealed in Sicily a strong yet exciting character like that of the land where it is born. The vineyards have a south/southeast aspect and are planted on level lands. They thrive on clay loam and draw the humus they need to produce a fine and complex wine..

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The harvest is rathe rlate, towards the end of September. The wine has a moderately intense purple color and hints of red berries that blend with extremely pleasant grassy hints. On the palate it has a good length with sweet tannins that match well with red meat, cold cuts, game and aged cheeses

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