Côte d'Afrique

On a strip of land in the south-west of the island, Africa and Sicily meet separated only by a narrow stretch of sea

Cote d'Afrique

Here there is a unique and distinctive habitat, the fruit of an unceasing process of osmosis between the two lands: African and Sicilian elements meet to create a virtuous blend. The land is wild, pristine, and of a rare and surprising beauty. This land is called Menfi. This is Sicily's "African coast". It stands out for its clear waters and breathtaking natural sceneries that exalt a land with intact ecologica features and mark a break, with the beauty of the landscapes, from therural element of the cultivated fields.

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Barren and fertile lands alternate, the shore is home to scarabs, geckos and desert snails, and thorny agaves and cacti grow spontaneously on the beach. Almost pristine natural settings kissed by a sea of variegated shades.

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Herons, larks, thrushes and mallards migrate from here to Africa at the beginning of winter to return again in spring.

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African features such as the temperatures and light are ideal for growing grape vines: the climate is dry, the light is strong and intense, at times even blinding. The changes in temperature and the bright light, the gradient of the land, the influence of the sea, and the hot southerly winds are all elements that make this area especially appropriate for wine-growing. 

Cote d'Afrique 5

These elements, alongside the modern vine cultivation techniques, foster the growth of the grapes and make it possible to achieve excellent quality. These lands yield especially fresh, sapid and fruity wines. Among these is Fiano, a summery cultivar of southern Italy, which here expresses a marvelous aroma.

Cote d'Afrique 6

The vineyards are located at 150/300 meters above sea level, on clayey and medium-textured soils. The grapes are harvested manually in mid-August and vinified in steel. The result is a wine with a light yellow color, with greenish reflections, fragrant on the nose and with a good balance between acidity and freshness, with hints of citrus, white peach and ripe apricot. It goes well with all the blue fish dishes, rice salads and white meats. The recommended serving temperature is 10/12 ° C.

Cote d'Afrique 8

Another white wine born of careful experimentation in the vineyard is Viognier, a modern and elegant wine, with its final hint of bitter almonds. An international cultivar recently imported, the first harvest dates to 2004. It has perfectly adapted to this area where vineyards span over a level stretch of land with south/southwest aspect on limy and medium-textured soils. The ripening of the grapes is so early that the harvest is done by hand during the first week of August.

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After destemming, the grapes go through low-temperature cold maceration to preserve the scents. For this reason, they are vinified in stainless steel silos. The resulting wine has an intense straw yellow color with a marvelous structure and great freshness.

Cote d'Afrique 11

On the nose and palate it emanates hints of hawthorn, passion fruit and mango. Dry and sapid, it matches well withsushi, fish and white meats.

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Here we also grow Chardonnay, fruity and round, with tropical notes that blend with Sicilian citrus. It is the pioneer of all the international varieties "of Sicily": the first vineyards were planted, just in Menfi, over twenty years ago.

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Today they extend over flatlands facing south / south east, expressing particular perfumes and minerality thanks to the calcareous soil and the influence of the sea.

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The grapes, delicate and sensitive to the heat, are hand-picked around the beginning of August and vinified in stainless steel. 

Cote d'Afrique 16

The resulting wine is pervasive and soft and has an intense straw yellow color with golden shades and a perfect balance of acidity and sapidity. It matches well with cruditès, fish dishes, grilled shellfish and medium-textured cheeses.

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