Seaside vineyards

Salty scents, blue sea landscapes, and mild sea breezes encircle vineyards as far as the eye can see.

Vigne del mare

Their fortunate position in the southern part of Sicily and the variety of its land make Menfi, Santa Margherita di Belìce, Montevago and Sambuca an area that has always had a long-standing winemaking tradition. A wide hilly area that starts inland and reaches the beach: here you will find the orderly succession of Mandrarossa vineyards, perfect geometric shapes composed of small plots of land that create an extraordinary landscape. From the tallest point, on hills at 300 meters above sea level, it is possible to capture the changing colors as the seasons pass: the green of the vineyards and silver olive groves, the golden wheat, and the brown earth after ploughing. 

Vigneto collina mandrarossa

To the south we descend to the coast: salty scents, blue sea landscapes, and mild sea breezes encircle vineyards as far as the eye can see. The countless hills dotting the landscape have different slopes, aspects and altitudes, which, combined with the types of soils, create many different microclimates, each ideal for every different grape variety grown by Mandrarossa. The hilly configuration of the area allows for the southerly aspect of the vineyards, favoring greater absorption of sunlight, which is vital to their growth. 

Vigneto del mare solette palma

The environmental conditions at this latitude are ideal for the cultivation of grapes: the dry climate, the strong, intense and sometimes dazzling light, the influence of the sea, the hot southerly winds, and the differences in temperature by day and night are all elements that blend together making the vineyards strong and their grapes of great quality. This area can be rightly considered a “paradise of terroirs,” giving Mandrarossa wines their unique characteristics. Monovarietal wines, made from a single cultivar, which is expressed in purity; territorial wines, either pure or in blends, from specific areas that are particularly suited to the cultivation of particular varieties; cru from individual vineyards, whose quality yields represent the peak of excellence of a territory.

Syrah Porta

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